Nature park Mürzer Oberland

Experience adventures in the nature park Mürzer Oberland

Nature meets culture. It smells of forest. On the floor ants are hurrying. The fresh water of the river Mürz on my nacked feet lets me remember my childhood. From the gorge "Roßlochklamm" I can hear laughters of children. Build some small boats out of wood or spend a night in the forest- together with the nature park guides my children discover the nature everyday in a totally new way. When it is raining the humming of the old spinning wheels are luring me in former times...

Scheealm, Rax and Hohe Veitsch- after a hiking tour the fresh mountainous air is calling for a nap at the alpine pasture. We have heard, that in the magic forest we can meet fairies and goblins, who invite us in a world of fairytales and legends. Is that true?

Naturparkverein & Tourism office Mürzer Oberland