Mürztaler Streuobstregion

This is the taste of the region

The "Mürztaler StreuObstRegion", which means that the orchards are traditionally managed, is ideal to get a feeling of happiness the whole year around. The appleblossoming will put a spell on you and in summer you can relax allong the theme hiking tracks through forests and colorful meadows full of fruit trees. In autumn you can enjoy the beautiful autumn colors, fruits and wild berries are harvested and delicious juices and liquors are made.

In winter there is time to abandon yourself to silence and delight. The shopping city Kindberg with its famous "brotherhood tree" impresses with its flower decoration, which gets also international recognition. Tobogganing and Bavarian curling are popular winter sports in the region. At the tobogganning track in Kindberg were already held world championships.

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