Leoben - Niklasdorf: the door to the Styrian road of iron ore

Experience and well-being

1100 years of history the second largest city in Styria will show you. Leoben is also the door to the Styrian road of iron ore. In no other city exists such a mixture between history and innovative modern parts as in Leoben.

A walk through the old town is like a time travel through centuries. Starting at the main square from the 13th century the most beautiful living room in Styria you go on a journey to monuments from the great past and to architectural treasures like the “Schwammerlturm”, which is the landmark and impulsive door of Leoben.

Old town and modern flair are a perfect mixture in Leoben. So in 2005 the protected parts of the Dominican monastery were integrated in a modern way into the most modern shopping center of the HOCHsteiermark (Leoben City Shopping). The shopping area is 20.000 m² big and has everything shopping lovers need.

Global city Leoben. With the montane university Leoben has an international university. She was built in 1840 from archduke Erzherzog Johann and is the impulse of the second biggest city of Styria. Traditional traditions of the minors are steel a fixed point in the calendar. Students from all over the world are coming to Leoben every year.

A taste of Asia is located in the middle of the city. The Asia Spa Leoben is a unique water experience world in the middle of the city. It offers the guest a unique experience. It was chosen as best public indoor swimming pool in Europe. The family area with various pools is ideal for young and old. For people who are searching for relaxation the spa and sauna area will give you relaxation in a European as well as in a Asian way.

The mixture between nature and city is great in Leoben. Only a few minutes away by feet you get from the city into forests and on meadows, where you have a huge offer of sports activities. Professionals as well as amateurs will have fun. The offers are near the city and not complicated doesn’t matter if in summer or winter.

The local mountain in Leoben and Niklasdorf is very important in the region. The mountain Mugel is located in the heart of the mountain area Gleinalm 1.630 m above the sea level. It is a popular hiking and trip destination and the hut is opened the whole year. This hut offers more than 50 beds. There warm meals are offered the whole day. After the demanding way up you may enjoy great views into the valley Mürztal and into the valley of Vordernberg.

Enjoy with all senses. This is very easy in Leoben. The culinary delights are very important. The gold juice, also called beer plays another huge role in Leoben. With the Gösser brewery, the biggest brewery in Austria Leoben is the capital of bee in Styria. Interesting guided tours through the brewery and a  degustation will let you experience the world of beer.

Culinary delights you will find in all restaurants and inns in the city. There is also a gourmet restaurant in Leoben the restaurant Port 361.

The cultural live of the city of the minors is consisting of classic concerts in the Congress in Leoben. In summer you may enjoy concerts of the Summer philharmonic orchestra or the oldest theater in Austria with national and international stages. There is an active youth scene in Leoben and the exhibitions in the art hall of Leoben meanwhile had had 1,5 millions of visitors. There you may watch interesting exhibitions in cooperation with international museums.

In Leoben young and old, locals and guests like to enjoy life the whole year: many events have a long tradition and they are part of the mining traditions. They show the connection between the city and its surroundings. But also the attractive modern scene is worth watching it.

The fun-fair Gösser Kirtag the secret holiday of the region as a long tradition and took place for the first time in 1836. More than 100 stands, 5.000 grilled chicken and 30.000 glasses of beer turn this event into something unforgettable for the visitors. This is the perfect time to wear your Dirndls or Lederhose and to visit this event.

Leoben not only knows beer, but also wine. So the main square turns into a village of wine once a year at the event “Leobener Weinfest”. More than 20 vineries from whole Styria offer the degustation of their wines and sell them. Farmers serve culinary delights from the region. And music will guarantee a great atmosphere

Also the village before Leoben which is Niklasdorf is important for satisfied guests.

Niklasdorf in the East is the neighbor of Leoben. Some findings of graveyards are a signal that there already lived people many years ago. In 1148 in books the first time is spoken about this village. The river Mur, which leads through Styria in Niklasdorf makes a huge curve. This was a very difficult part of the Mur for the rafters in former times. Therefor Saint Nicolas, the patron saint of the rafters and ship’s people was chosen as the patron of the church in the village and so it was named Niklasdorf. In the year 1889 the people in Niklasdorf had luck. The industrials Leonhard Brigl and Julius Bermeister founded a fabrication of sulphite-cellulose. So Niklasdorf turned from a village of farmers to a place of industry, which it is until now. The idyllic village is the home of more than 2. 700 people. The summer days the locals spend often on the regional mountain the Mugel. Doesn’t matter if by foot or by bike the way up to the hut Mugelschutzhaus is a pleasure for nature lovers. Also for cultural lovers Niklasdorf offers a huge program. In the event center every year famous artists you may watch.

Except from Leoben, which is a great starting point to all regional trip destinations there are still other regional trip highlights like the adventure Erzberg in Eisenerz, the animal park “Wilder Berg” in Mautern and the lake Grüner See in Tragöß.

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