Region Erzberg Land- experience the real adventure

Welcome in the world of adventure

Real adventures are in your head and if they are not in your head then simply visit us. In the heart of Styria the region ERZBERG LAND is your personal world of adventure. Watch the real treasure of our country. Be an example for small discoverers at huge experiences. Follow the tracks of the water sprite until you get deep under the ground in the mystic mine “Adventure Erzberg”. On the mountain “Wilder Berg” Foxi the fox likes to be stroked. Ingo the bear prefers apples. Aladin the hawk you will fly through the air and Fritzi the wolf you do not want to meet. Real discoverers do not walk in the future they prefer to find treasures in the present, like the glittering colors of the water of the lake “Grüner See” or the lake Leopoldsteinersee.

Get part of our history and you will discover yourself in a new way.