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High and mighty you can see the mountain Hochschwab. 100 summits and 40 valleys invite nature lovers and people, who love the adventure, hikers, climbers and mountain bikers. Impressing is the variety of the world of animals and plants. There you can find one of the richest stock of game in the eastern Alps (the place with the most of chamois in Europe!)  as well as rare alpine herbs and orchids.

Clear rivers and lakes invite to relaxe and to do some sports. The rocks of the Hochschwab also donate life: The water source Kläfferquelle near Wildalpen is one of the largest drinkingwater sources of Europe. 10 cubic meters of water flows out of the mountain in one second. Vienna gets 60% of its drinking water from the northern part of the Hochschwab area. The water of Graz comes from an fountain in St. Ilgen at the southern part of the Hochschwab.

Impressing is the sight, fascinating the view. 100 summits, 40 valleys and warm hosts invite adventurers , nature and city lovers, because the landscape and the world of plants and animals is colorful and diverse.

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Tourism office Hochschwab
Tourism office Tragöß- Grüner See
Tourism office Wildalpen

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