BergZeitReise: Hiking in the Hochsteiermark- Austria

The most beautiful long-distance trail across Styria

The hiking tour Bergzeitreise leads across the Styrian region Hochsteiermark. It reaches from the Hochschwab to the home of the Austrian poet Peter Rosegger in the "Waldheimat". The hiking tour is an important part of the Styrian long-distance trail "Vom Gletscher zum Wein" (From the glacier to the wine).

At the hiking tour "Bergzeitreise" you can discover impressing mountains, mountain pastures, refreshing water sources, green woods and an unique world of plants and animals. It is perfectly made for your hiking holidays in the middle of the green heart of Styria. It doesn't matter, if you choose the wild-romantic mountainous landscape or the gentle low mountain ranges, this hiking tour offers you various stages.

The hiking paths around the mountain Hochschwab, which is located in the heart of the region, are a great example for the diversity of the trail. 2.277 meters above the sea level, directly underneath the summit, the Schiestlhaus, a highalpine passive house, is located. Other examples are the Mariazeller Land, the alpine pastures of the nature park "Mürzer Oberland", the UNESCO world heritage Semmering railway track and the home of the Austrian poet Peter Rosegger, the Waldheimat. All this locations turn the region into a treasure.

The hiking tour is not only a long-distance trail, it is also a trail, which unites tradition and innovation. One of the various alpine hiking tracks leads across the Eisenerz Alps. The center of the tour is the "Erzberg", which is famous for the history of the coal and steel industry and the traditional mining. The locals call this mountain often the "Styrian loaf of bread". From here it is only a stone's throw away from Leoben. There the world famous university of mining and metallurgy Leoben and the brewery "Gösser" are located. Further in the valley Mürztal you will find the hightech-spots Bruck an der Mur, Kapfenberg, Kindberg and Mürzzuschlag. There high-grade steel and steel products are produced.

Altogether the long-distance trail is divided into 18 stages with a total length of 300 kilometers. This together with the hiking time of the route, which is ca. 120 hours, turn the hiking tour "Bergzeitreise" into a popular hiking tour of Styria.