Pilgrimage places and pilgrimage paths

Mariazellerweg 06 with two pilgrimage routes

In Styria many beautiful pilgrimage places and pilgrimage paths are located. The most important pilrimage routes are located northwards to the pilgrimage place Mariazell. With the basilica the city in the north of Styria is not only a popular pilgrimage place in Austria, but also an important one in Europe. It is the spiritual center of the catholics of the the Danube area.

One of the most popular trails to Mariazell is the Mariazellerweg 06. This hiking trail is an important part of the European pilgrimage network. There are two pilgrimage routes, which lead directly to Mariazell:

The first one leads from Fischbach/ Schanz to the Stanglalm via Mitterdorf im Mürztal to the mountain Hohe Veitsch.

Directly at the cusp at the mountain Hohe Veitsch the biggest pilgrimage cross of the world is located. It is a sign of peace and communication between the cultures. The inside of the cross is accessible and is divided into 7 chambers like in the Story of the creation. From the mountain Hohe Veitsch you will walk by at famous pilgrimage churches to the Niederalpl via Schöneben and Mooshuben to the the Kreuzberg in Mariazell. This is a wonderful hiking tour over alpine pastures with view over the Mariazeller Land and finally you get to the basilica of Mariazell, the famous Magna Mater Austriae.

The second pilgrimage tour starts in Fischbach/ Schanz where you walk from the foot of the Teufelstein to the Alpl. At this route you get directly to the Waldheimat, the home of the Styrian poet Peter Rosegger. You may visit his birth place, the old school "Waldschule" and the Austiran museum of forest. From the Alpl it goes on via the Hochgölk to Krieglach, where the country house of Peter Rosegger is also nowadays visited by many pilgrims and hikers. From Krieglach you walk via the Hocheckalm and the Veitschbachthörl to Mürzsteg to the nature park Mürzer Oberland. The last pilgrimage stage leads from Mürzsteg to the Buchalpenkreuz, the last big ascent of the Mariazellerweg 06. Via beautiful alpine pastures and shady forests the pilgrimage ends in Mariazell at the famous Magna Mater Austriae. The last kilometers lead allong the 7-points trail with view to the beautiful basilica in Mariazell.

Tip – Pilgrimage:

The pilgrimage diary of Mariazell "Mein Weg nach Mariazell". This is your personal guide for pilgrimages to Mariazell and contains impulses, prayers, information about the trail, maps, and stamping possibilities. Beneath spiritual contents the pilgrimage diary of Mariazell gives information about the trails to Mariazell and the daily stages, and about accommodation possibilities.

It is available at the tourism office and the tourisitc companies in Mariazell: Phone: +43 3882 2366, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Further information about the pilgrimage trails and the pilgrimage places:

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