Golfing club Trofaiach

Golfing with an unique view

Where do you get nowadays that what it is described on the outside? So that this does not happen during golfing in Gai, the golfing club Trofaich has decided to describe exactly what is offered: Styrian mountain golfing. The whole place, every single hole has a breathtaking panorama. Who is able to not only watch on the course watches the mountain Reiting, the rough mountain Eisenerzer Reichenstein and other summits of the Eisenerz Alps.

Not only the surroundings, also the course itself is wonderful and demanding. Here is at least as much sand as in Carole and more water than in the most ponds. Exactly said: the course is a selective course and because of that fact it is as attractive. Playing on annoying, flat, green highways you can do somewhere else. Styrian Mountain golfing means variance and is demanding. Here every hole has its own characteristics. That’s what golfing should be.

The place was completely renovated, changed and optimized. Also the club house was renovated and presents itself open, with much light and modern.

Here you can relax after a successful round and enjoy Styrian culinary delights. Another thing you should not forget to taste is the Styrian wine. Further investigations are planned. There a concept of more years was made: the goal is that the club counts to the most attractive courses in Austria. Many steps in this direction are made until now.

Golfing club Trofaiach
Sonnenweg 10 (Golfplatzweg 1)
8793 Gai-Schardorf
+43 3847 5008
+43 1 2533033 8838
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