Golfing club castle Schloss Feistritz

The ideal start into the sports of golf

The golfing club castle Schloss Feistritz offers with its membership a modern start into the golfing sports. Not as a classic golfing club, who’s playing rights are limited to one golfing area, a membership in this club includes 3 playing rights, so it is the best possibility with only less financial input. The membership is available from € 329,00 per year.

Your home club, the 9-whole natural golf area castle Schloss Feistritz is one of the oldest golfing areas in Styria. Especially this area is great for beginners, but also for golfers with some routine the area is ideal. Some concentration is especially needed in the crossing tracks.

Golfing club castle Schloss Feistritz
8665 Langenwang
+43 3864 39610
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