Golfing center Bruck/Mur- Oberaich

For beginners as well as for advanced players

The golfing club Bruck/Mur offers a training center with driving range, short playing area and a 9 holes par 3 place. The golfing school Bruck/Mur is directly located at the same area. A great par 3 course makes possible that beginners may collect experience without stress. Advanced players there can try the short play.

Golfing center Bruck/Mur: To increase the level of difficulty it is possible to play the official British “Pitch and Putt” rules with max. two irons and one putter. The golfing area normally is opened daily from the sunrise to the sunset.

Golfing center Bruck/Mur - Oberaich
Am Golfplatz 1
8600 Oberaich
+43 3862 53508
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