Biking area Aflenz- fun for bikers at the alpine pasture Bürgeralm

Trails with wonderful view to the Hochschwab mountain area

At the biking area Aflenz at the alpine pasture Aflenz Bürgeralm bikers will find driving fun in wonderful surroundings: a chair lift transports bike and driver from the parking space down in the valley to the alpine pasture Bürgeralm. From there all trails are reachable. It is also possible to go up via the panorama road with great view ito the valley Aflenz and to the Hochschwab mountain area.

AB Trail

The five kilometers long AB Trail in the biking park Aflenz is a mixture out of a natural single trail, men-made flow stages and short North-Shore elements. The 500 m of elevation gains is divided into three sectors, which are separated by roads from each other. The first stage is natural and leads over some curves through the forest. Who wants even has the possibility to jump. This stage is followed by a passage on the road before section two of the trail starts. This stage is men-made and is liked because of the flow. On this stage you will get much speed. But the speed is only a short pleasure: After some meters you will again drive into forests. In this stage you will have the steepest part of the trail and a North-Shore element. After another road in the forest the last stage of the trail starts. Here it is possible to drive fast through the forest and you may enjoy the speed and some jumps. The streets during the stages are sometimes a little bit annoying, but so for beginners it is possible to avoid certain parts of the trails.

Trail Piererguttrail

The Piererguttrail is a flow trail which is also suitable for beginners. The descent is lower than 10%, So it isn’t very steep and if you are a good driver it is possible to nearly drive without brake. The trails starts at the inn Pierergut and until the end in Aflenz it has 150m of elevation gains. On the way down much fun and flow is awaiting you.

Trail Windgrubentrail

The Windgrubentrail leads from Schönleiten (1800m above the sea level) and 300m of elevation gains to the Almboden and is therefore for those reachable, who are willing to go up by bike. For the way up you may enjoy many parts of flow, tables, natural parts and North-Shore.

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