The gorge Roßlochklamm

The forest of the senses and the experience path Roßlochklamm

In the nature park, Mürzer Oberland in the north east of Styria the forest of the senses and the experience path Roßlochklamm are located. These are places where you can recharge your batteries and get to know the senses in a humorous way. Both attractions have been theme path of the year 2014.

The forest of the scenes in Altenberg an der Rax has 23 power places where you can experience your five senses. Singing bowls activate your ears, pictures and nature train your eyes. Natural smells of the forest and a forest research station should train your nose and the taste should be trained by the landscape.

A bridge, a treehouse, a barefoot course etc. should train your coordination. These stations are made by Barbara Holzer. The forest of the senses is a special place where you can get to know nature in a new way.

Opening hours (from May to October): Guided tours after an appointment with Barbara Holzer +43 650 73 22 166 (the circular path is also suitable for handicapped persons and baby carriages.

Another natural experience is the experience path Roßlochklamm. At 20 interactive stations, you should solve various tasks This is a real family adventure. Children get to know biological connections of nature in a humorous way. During the hiking with a length of 3 hours (incl. stops) on a tracking with riddles about the circle of life. At the experience pat, you should master the trap of the bark beetle and to be aware during the autopsy. You are the detective and have to hear the sound of the speaking organ so that you can solve the riddle in the end. The gorge Roßlochklamm got the price of the most creative teaching path of Austria.