The famous poet from Hochsteiermark - Austria

The life of Rosegger in the birth house and in the school Waldschule

Peter Rosegger is a famous poet of the Hochsteiermark and was born in 1843 in Alpl near Krieglach. He was the oldest child of 7 children and spent his childhood in the birth house in Alpl. Even when Peter was a little child he already had to help on the farm of his father. He is known because of the stories of his home and the view into the life of farmers in former times. He is one of the most read poets of his time. More than 15 Millions of books and translations in more than 30 languages are sold.

In the birth house of Rosegger at the Alpl visitors may see the old living room called „Stube“, the „Rauchkuchl“, which is a typical kitchen of former times, the stable „Umadumstall“ as well as the hut „Brechelhütte“. The breathtaking time journey shows you the life and the childhood of the poet. The birth house is located in the middle of green alpine pastures 1.150 m above the sea level and it is also known as „Kluppeneggerhof“. Today it is a popular memorial place in Austria and is reachable by a hiking tour which takes you only 30 minutes.
Opening hours: April to October from 10:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m.

In former times it was not normal that children can go to school regularly. Rosegger had the chance to go to school and was taught by Michael Patterer. Because of the rural exodus, it was very important for Rosegger to build a school in Alpl. In the year 1900 he collected a lot of money and in the year 1902, it was possible to open a school in Alpl. At the beginning, 55 children were taught. 25 years later there were only 11 children. In the year 1975 school was closed because there were not enough children. The house was bought by the village Krieglach and today it is a museum. The schoolroom and the room of Rosegger are originally kept today.

Opening hours: April to October from 09:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m.