The Kirchenburg St. Oswald at the foot of the Erzberg

From the defending church to the protection castle

The Erzberg is located in the middle of the Eisenerz Alps in Styria and is important for the economy in the region around Eisenerz. Here iron ore is mined for many hundreds of years.

High above the village Eisenerz and at the foot of the Erzberg the castle and church Kirchenburg St. Oswald is located. The castle was built in the gothic style in the 15th and 16th century. The church was important to defend the region and Styria and is one of the most important defending castles and churches in Austria. It is one of the most important sights in Eisenerz like the Erzberg and the Schichtturm.
Before every working day the minors prayed to god for protection and help for the mining.

When the Turcs besieged Europe the church got also a castle to protect the people of Eisenerz. Until 1530 the church got a mighty protection castle.

The Turcs never came to Eisenerz but the Kirchenburg was a protection place. Here the protestants of Eisenerz searched protection because they feared the bishop of Seckau.

Today the Kirchenburg St. Oswald is one of the biggest preserved defending and protection castles in Austria.