Traditional art out of glass in Styria

Jugs, pots, jewellery and art out of glass

In the glass manufactory Kaiserhof in the nature park Mürzer Oberland beautiful handmade art out of glass is produced. Since 2010 the owner of the company is Andreas Hafner. It is located in Neuberg an der Mürz only a few minutes away from Mürzzuschlag in Styria. The glass manufactory invites you to watch the producing of glass. You will get to know the procedure of blowing glass and you will also get some information about the history of it. The melting oven which has a heat of 1.200 degrees plays an inmportant role in the procedure of making glass. You can watch everything during a guided tour.

Every produced piece of glass is unique and it is produced out of glass and metal. The glass is formed with special scissors and pliers. In this procedure the creativity has no limits. There are not only produced jugs, pots, jewellery, art, sculptures it is possible to produce every object you want.

The Kaiserhof glass manufactory is specialised for the creation of lamps out of glass for indoor and outdoor. But we also produce trees out of glass and metal.

Our tip: On the traces of further times: traditional glas blowing for children.

Our smallest guests also can experience the glass blowing procedure. They get to know it in a special way ideal for children. They can watch how a bowl out of glass is melted and how than an object is created. Of course it is possible that the children try glass blowing on their own. They can create their own piece of art.