The gingerbread manufactory Pirker at the pilgrimage location Mariazell

Gingerbread specialties from the region Hochsteiermark

In Mariazell, the most famous pilgrimage location of Austria, a delicious specialty has a long tradition. It is the gingerbread from the manufactory Pirker, which is out of honey. The traditional specialty is produced by the family Pirker for more than 300 years. The mixture of the spices is a huge secret and the recipes are given from generation to generation. The gingerbread specialties are hand-made, filled and decorated. Today there are sweet gingerbreads like the classic gingerbread „Fünfmadler-Lebkuchen“, and gingerbread with chocolate, marzipan and various fruits and other 50 gingerbread creations.

In the new erLEBZELTEREI, you can visit at 3.500 square meters all steps of the production of the famous making-of of gingerbread. From the rolling of the dough with honey to the decoration you can discover how gingerbread is made. The different types of gingerbread you can of course taste. You can watch what is made out of the gingerbread from Pirker at the guided tour „Everything from the bee- Alles von der Biene“. Thereby you can watch the tradition of the gingerbread baking and you get to know how wine out of honey, schnapps out of honey and liquor out of honey is made. You can also watch how candles out of honey are made.

The gingerbread shop at the main square of Mariazell you can find all the classic products, liquors, candles and specialties you searching for. After gingerbread, you can do a culinary break in the bakery or restaurant Pirker. There you have a great view of the basilica of Mariazell. Be inspired by the smell of the honey and visit the gingerbread manufactory of the family Pirker in the region Hochsteiermark.