The steepest railway track of Austria

One of the most beautiful railway tracks in Europe

In the year 1881 the railway track was opened for the transport of iron ore. Until 1978 steam trains driven with steam transported the iron. This is without doubt one of the most beautiful railway tracks in Europe. Today it belongs to the club Verein Erzbergbahn, which is a non-profit organization. The railway track today is a museum for everybody who likes trains and for tourists.

The track is unique: With ascents up to 71 per mils the track leads around the mountain Erzberg, drives through a tunnel, which is 1, 4 kilometers long and reaches the railway station Präbichl 1204 m above the sea level. So it is the highest railway station in Styria. Railway lovers will enjoy the views to the Styrian Erzberg as well as the panorama of the Eisenerz Alps.

In former times this railway track was built as a rack railway. Today it is the steepest railway track in the EU. For tourists the historic railcar of the row 5081.500 is used.

From June to September the trains drive every Sunday between Vordernberg and the railway station Erzberg. At one drive in the morning and at one drive in the afternoon there is the possibility to also drive with the Hauly from “Adventure Erzberg” so it is possible to combine this drive with a drive via the Erzberg.