Flights with powered aircraft, helicopter circular flights and gyrocopter

Explore the green heart of Styria from above

Would you like to watch the region Hochsteiermark from above? Go and experience the region during a helicopter circular flight or flights with powered aircraft and discover the green heart of Austria. The airfield in Kapfenberg is a popular starting point for an unforgettable flying experience. You can choose between various tours, between helicopters, powered aircraft or gyrocopters.

If you want to watch the mightest mountain in our region from above, we recommend you the helicopter circulation flight „Hochschwab“.

Tour: Kapfenberg- Mürzzuschlag- Veitsch- Staritzen- Hochschwab- Kapfenberg

Duration: 30 minutes

The "Styrian nurturer" - the Erzberg - can be enjoyed in the Tour "Hochschwab-Erzberg". This tour leads you from Kapfenberg, over Aflenz to the Hochschwab and the Erzberg, then back over Trofaiach, Leoben and Kapfenberg. Duration: 30 minutes.

All information concerning the helicopter circulation flights and the flights with powered aircraft incl. Tours through the region Hochsteiermark and prices:

Flugplatz Kapfenberg | Alpengasthof Pölzl

Do you ever hear anything about gyrocopter circulation flights? A gyrocopter is a so-called gyroplane and it is one of the safest airplanes in the world. This plane uses the autorotation and floats if the engines are switched off to the ground. The possibilities of this airplane are unique. Discover the Hochsteiermark and get to know why the airplane is called „motorcycle of the sky“. The tour goes across the mountain Hochschwab, the mountain Veitsch, the Schneealm, the Rax etc.