The lake Grüner See – at the foot of the Mountain Hochschwab

The most beautiful place of Austria

At the foot of the mountain Hochschwab in Tragöß the lake Grüner See is located. It is a lake full of melting water and in the year 2014 the lake was on the 1st place in the Austrian show „9 Plätze, 9 Schätze“.

When the snow is melting in spring the lake fills with water and you can see the unique underwater world. The level of the water depends on the amount of rainfalls and snowfalls. Depending on the level of the water you may see sunken banks, bridges, trees and the trouts in the emerald green water.

The highlight of the lake is ist emerald green colour, which is a result of the clair water from the mountain Hochschwab. Clear water abosorbes the red parts of the light and because of that the lake looks blue or green. At a hiking tour around the lake you can watch this natural show.

The highest water level the lake reaches in the early summer months. It has a height of 10 meters. For a long time the lake was a paradise for diving lovers because of the good sight distance. In autumn the water sinks and in winter the lake nearly disappears, but in this time the region invites you to hike with snow shoes or to do cross-country skiing. In Tragöß you will find fun in the snow without stress. This is ideal for everbody you loves nature, silence and relaxation.

Even the stars of Hollywood love the lake. With the words „This magic moment“ Ashton Kutcher known because of the soap Two and a Half Men shared a link to a website which calls the lake „real life Atlantis“. It is a unique and magic place of Styria, which you have to see.

Diving is forbidden in the lake since january 2016 because of reasons concerning the nature protection. Because of the dust at the ground of the lake there is the danger that the lake looses its clear colour.