Exhibition world in Styria

Hochsteiermark: From the UNESCO world heritage Semmering railway track to the museum of the musician and compositor Brahms

Who makes a holiday in the region Hochsteiermark should also visit the exhibition world in Mürzzuschlag. Here you can see the culture. The town in the east of the region Hochsteiermark as a huge history. Personalities like the poet Peter Rosegger, the musician Johannes Brahms, the architect Carl Ritter von Ghega, the skiing pioneer Toni Schruf or Max Kleinoschegg have a connection to Mürzzuschlag. If you visit the exhibition world, you can visit the museums Brahms museum, the Südbahnmuseum as well as the home of art the Kunsthaus Mürzzuschlag.

The Semmering railway track in Mürzzuschlag is unique in the whole world. It is the first alpine mountain railway track of the world and in 1998 it got part of the UNESCO world heritage. At the railway station Mürzzuschlag the museum Südbahnmuseum invites to a railway time travel from Vienna to Triest. The highlights are the hall of the railway station, the k&k Coffee wagon, the locomotive of the senses and the construction site of the viaducts. You can also watch the biggest collection of draisines and important locomotives. At the museum, Südbahnmuseum starts the hiking track Semmeringbahn- Wanderweg, which has a length of 17 km.
Start of the season of the museum Südbahnmuseum: 8th of April 2017

Not only the poet Peter Rosegger is a famous person here in Mürzzuschlag also the musician and compositor Johannes Brahms is known in Mürzzuschlag. In the summer months 1884/85 he lived in the house Hammerherrenhaus in Mürzzuschlag. There he composed the IVth symphony and many other songs. In the museum of Brahms, you can watch the life of the compositor, especially in summer 1884/85. It is possible to see original exhibits like his piano. The museum won in 1994 the European price of museums. The festival of Brahms is also worth a visit and it takes place every year in September.

Lovers of contemporary arts should visit the Kunsthaus in Mürzzuschlag. Contemporary art, literature, music, and architecture are exhibited here.