Adventure Erzberg in the region Hochsteiermark

Show mining, Hauly ride, live blasting operation

The Styrian Erzberg is located near the town Eisenerz and is one of the most visited trip destinations in Styria. He is very popular because of its unique look. 36 steps with a height of 24 meters turn the mountain into a touristic attraction. The mountain is the biggest day mine in the middle of Europe and since more than 1300 years there is mined iron ore. Every year 3 million tonnes of iron ore is delivered to the company Voestalpine in Donawitz and in Linz. Locals often call the mountain Erzberg „Steirischer Brodlaib- the Styrian loaf of bread“ and it is a natural treasure of the region Hochsteiermark.

Adventure Erzberg is a unique experience for sure. During the drive with the hauly, which is one hour long, you go up the steps of the Erzberg directly to the mining place. The huge transporter, also called hauly has 860-PS and there you have a great view. This vehicle is also called the biggest taxi in the world. This drive is an unique experience for everyone.

A special tip for you is the live blasting operation and the show mining. The live blasting operation takes place every Thursday. There you will see how 80.000 tonnes of stones are blasted up. Thereby the demolition expert explains you everything concerning the explosion and you will get a protocol of the explosion. Duration: 1 ½ hour

The show mining gives you a view into the life of a minor. At a guided tour with the train „Katl“ you are guided through the subterranean labyrinth of the Erzberg. There you get information about the history of the Erzberg and about the legend of the water sprite. This legend tells you how the iron ore in the mountain Erzberg was found the first time. During an audio explosion, you can feel the history of the iron industry in Austria. For those who want to work, there are compressed air gimlets and hammer assisted hand drills. Duration: 1 ½ hours

Open-air exhibition Erzberg Erlebnis:reich

The mining gives the mountain Erzberg a special characteristic. You can feel and see the mountain Erzberg at the exhibition Erzberg Erlebnis:reich. When you go down, or go up to the summit or when you go through the mountain you will understand the town Eisenerz, the history and the beginning of the Erzberg, the mining today and in the future.
Adventure Erzberg opened from the 1st of May to the 31st of October (10:00 a.m. to 03:00 p.m.). New: On demand, guided tours are possible at 08:30 a.m.

Numbers and facts about the iron ore mining at the Styrian Erzberg (state February 2017)

  • Produced amount: 12 millions of tonnes
  • Produced iron ore which is delivered to companies: 3 millions of tonnes
  • Yearly need of explosive material: 1.500 tonnes
  • Meters which are drilled per year: 130.000 meter
  • 9 heavy-duty trucks (hauly) and 3 superchargers are used 24/7