The 10 top trip destinations in the region HOCHsteiermark

Beneath the famous trip destinations like the lake Grüner See, the basilica in Mariazell the region offers you further top trip destinations.

The most popular places in the region

The castle Burg Oberkapfenberg, the mountain Wilder Berg, the capital of beer Gösser, the UNESCO world heritage Semmering railway track as well as the exhibition world in Mürzzuschlag count to the most famous places in the region HOCHsteiermark. Visit the top trip destinations and experience history and exciting and surprising facts!

The Semmering railway track in MürzzuschlagUNESCO world heritage, picture: Stummer

Exhibition world Mürzzuschlag

From the UNESCO world heritage Semmering railway track to the museum of Brahms.

View to the Castle Burg OberkapfenbergBurg Oberkapfenberg, © TV Kapfenberg, picture: Reisinger

Castle Burg Oberkapfenberg

The Castle Burg Oberkapfenberg - the town landmark of Kapfenberg.

A wonderful view to the green lakeThe Green Lake, © TRV Hochsteiermark, picture: Lamm

The lake Grüner See

The lake Grüner See in Tragöß is one of the most beautiful places of Austria.

The Hauly on the ErzbergAdventure Erzberg, © Erzberg, picture: Zöbl

The stytrian Erzberg

The Styrian Erzberg, near the town Eisenerz, is one of the most visited trip destinations in Styria.

View to the basilica MariazellBasilica Mariazell, © mariazellerland-blog.at

Basilica Mariazell

Mariazell, located in the north of Styria, is one of the most famous pilgrimage locations in Austria.

The racoon on the meadowThe racoon, © Wilde Berg, picture: Wassler

The "Wilde Berg"

The park is a real secret tip for families who a searching for an adventure with animals.

Exterior view to the GösseumGösseum, © TV Leoben, picture: Freisinger

Gösseum and Gösser brewery

In the Gösseum and the Gösser Brewery you can experience austrian beer culture. 


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